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What Does Daily Pool Maintenance Look Like?

What Does Daily Pool Maintenance Look Like?

When you have your own pool at home, you are likely looking at many different things that are involved in getting ahead of everything that can happen with it. More often than not, you are going to notice that there are a lot of different things involved in helping you to get things in order and ready to go. What does a daily pool maintenance routine even look like?

Check Your Chemicals

The chemicals and the pH balance in your pool should be at what is recommended for your particular situation. Different pools in different areas have different needs when it comes to taking care of such things, so keep that in mind as you sort things out and see what’s going on there.

Check Your Pump and Filter

Are your pumps and filters working like they should be? Does it appear to be pumping the water as necessary and is it working to filter out the water? Is the color as it should be and are there any strange smells coming from it?

Check Your Water Levels

This is just a quick visual check that you can do the minute that you walk out to your pool. Does it seem to be lower than it usually is? Or is it higher than it should be? After some rain you may notice higher levels, but not too high because that could indicate other issues. Lower water indicates a leak or crack.

Check Baskets and Skim Out Bugs, Leaves, and Other Debris

Before you decide to get in the pool, take a few minutes to check your baskets for any additional debris and to skim any bugs, leaves, twigs, and other things out of the pool as well. Then, you can know that the pool is as clean as possible and you won’t have any unexpected consequences for jumping in!

Doing daily checks of your pool guarantees that you can take care of problems as they come up instead of trying to deal with the problems when they’ve gotten too big to handle. Taking the time to actually seek this out and to see what you can do to maintain your pool will go a long way to expanding your pool’s lifespan as well.

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